Carpus Tax Services is an independent tax advisory firm operating out of the island nation of Mauritius, serving as a hub for Africa to help empower multinationals operating across the continent.

Our integrated, diversified team of tax consultants and professionals are the architects of your greater tax ecosystem, providing highly educated insights in our specialist areas aimed at optimizing all of your business’s tax structuring and planning across its jurisdictions in Africa to give you peace of mind.

We have a comprehensive understanding of how the intricacies of taxation works in Africa, the unique tax issues and challenges these markets are facing and which solutions are best suited to solve them.

Some of the specialized areas of global tax services we offer include tax advisory in international tax structuring, tax automation, transfer pricing, tax reform and international tax training courses for your entire team.

Our mission & Values

The ‘CARPUS’ way

Connecting the forearm to the hand, the carpus is a set of bones that lets us execute crucial tasks with a flick of our wrist. It is from this connection that we derive our mission, vision and corporate culture. Much like a set of bones, our diverse and talented team works together, providing innovative solutions in the field of taxation.

As an independent tax advisory firm, we move away from restrictive environments of accounting/audit/fiduciary firms and provide bespoke tax services to our clients.

The ‘CARPUS’ difference

Our team looks at excellence not as an achievement but as a habit. Every member aims to consistently add value to the businesses and states we work with. Our holistic approach to taxation helps clients execute faster and take measured decisions whether it be at an organisational or macroeconomic level.

We extend our ability to deliver in a seamless manner over Africa by working with tax advisers and lawyers carefully selected to meet the needs of our clients.

The ‘CARPUS’ philosophy

The backbone of Carpus is its people. Our work culture attracts the best and promotes an ecosystem conducive to the growth and wellbeing of our people. Together, Carpus strives to be the most trusted, competent and innovative tax advisory firm in Africa.

We share the values of honesty, integrity, mutual respect, diversity, balance, reliability, adaptability and open-mindedness.

Our Team

Founder, CEO

I once found myself on a slippery road in the middle of a massive thunderstorm in Cape des Peres, Gabon. On my left, a cliff which glowed fiercely with each strike of lightning and on my right, a plain of thick mud which did not look less threatening than the cliff. My passion for taxation was at the heart of this Indiana Jones like adventure.

My “tax” story started in 2002 when I joined EY Mauritius after spending 2 years as an auditor with Deloitte. A few years later, I was called to undertake tax quality reviews in Africa which gave me a chance to enjoy the warmth of this exciting continent. In 2012, I received a phone call from the Gabonese EY partner who offered me an exciting opportunity in his tax team and against afore mentioned odds, I found myself at Leon-Mba International Airport.

I shared my passion for tax and Africa with many in the Mauritian International Financial Centre on my return to Mauritius. The Africa connection and my passion for taxation continues to take me on thrilling adventures.