At Carpus Tax, we believe in giving back to the Community and sharing the responsibilities of the society.

In this endeavor, CARPUS TAX  engages in social activities such as

Monthly Donation Of Food, Clothing

Assistance To Young People Struggling With Addiction

Financial Contribution Towards Local And Overseas Medical Surgery.

Places visited

  • Baie Du Tombeau
  • Palma
  • Roche Bois
  • Quatre Bornes
  • Riche Lieu
  • Camp Rodriguais
  • Rose Belle
  • Highlands
  • Plaisance
  • Belle Rose
  • St Patrick

Hans Terry Benjamin
Community Counsellor

Terry leads the Community initiative of Carpus Tax. He is responsible for targeting places for the donation of provisions and the organisation of all social activities.

Rachel Marianen
Community Coordinator

Rachel assists in procurement and provides administrative support