The Carpus Tax Expertise

Our diverse team consists of industry leaders with different areas of expertise, thus enabling us to provide bespoke global tax services to MNCs and governments across Africa.

Our services include:


Our experts provide innovative solutions right from strategy development to implementation.

Tax strategy/process automation

Our tax professionals can identify tax risks/exposures and cases of refunds or tax reductions. We favour automation of the tax compliance process and advice on resource enhancement opportunities.

Africa Tax Coordination & Support

Our approach to African taxation allows us to provide a clear and prompt response on business activities in Africa. We also undertake operational tax health checks on operations. Our team facilitates and assist in investigations and tax audits from initial planning to final settlement.

Transfer pricing

We facilitate and assist the Advance Pricing Agreements application process from initial planning and document preparation through final settlement. Our team also facilitates and assists the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) application process from preliminary meetings through mutual consultation requests, negotiation, and settlement. Our team of experts can also provide advice to attorneys in transfer pricing tax litigation and controversial situations.

Learning and development

Our team of experts develop learning and development services keeping in mind the specific requirements of the industries and customise solutions considering the requirements of human resources.


Our team provides solutions at every stage of the process right from policy development to deployment.

Effect of taxes on demand

Carpus Tax uses the most robust econometrics methodology to undertake robust tax analysis on demand that would stand academic and even legal scrutiny.

Economy wide effects of taxes

We use a state-of-the-art simulation model technique called the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model to evaluate the economy wide effects of all types of taxes on different aspects of the economy (consumption, investment, trade, tax revenue, competitiveness) by sectors and on different household groups. This could help governments design the right taxation policies to achieve the desired economic outcome.

Green taxes

Carpus Tax uses a combination of econometric analysis and computable general equilibrium (CGE) modelling to analyse the macroeconomic effect of various policies in order to design optimal green taxes which cut carbon emissions while having a minimal effect of the economy.

Tax reform

Using Computable General Equilibrium (CGE), which evaluates and compares various tax reform scenarios to enable the government to take evidence-based decision to choose the best tax reform for the economy.

Tax gap

Our experts can generate robust estimates of the tax gap by tax type to demonstrate the severity of the problem and can advise on various policy measures to reduce the tax gap depending on the structure of the economy.

Tax evasion

Carpus Tax can assist governments in devising policies to make this process more efficient by encouraging tax evaders to come forward before or during the investigation. In addition, we can build predictive analytic model which will identify individuals/companies that are more likely to evade taxes.